Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping in Australia

Bungee jumping…

Supposedly Bungee jumping was invented on the island Pentecost which belongs to the Pacific Republic of Vanuatu.

There are men jumping in order to beseech the spirits to guarantee a good hunt and harvest.
Other than we, they jump into the depth with lianas on their feet and not with an elastic rope.

What makes you to do something like that? To plunge over 40 meters into the depth, just with a rubber cable at the feet? Well, there are many reasons, being cool, wearing an awesome T- shirt, to impress girls…

Sure, those are all good reasons to plunge head over heels into the depth, however first one must overcome his baser instincts.

Why did I jump?
Well, I was big mouthed and wanted to stand then for my word.

You can see the pictures increased if you click them.

AJ Hackett is in Cairns, a bungy tower approx. 15 km outside of Cairns, right in the rainforest. We went there, bought the Ticket “The Big Day Out” for about 80 Euro. We were allowed to do unlimited jumps with the ticket.

It is impressing to stand on a tower right in the rainforest, look into the depth and jump.

You have a superb view which nonjumpers should enjoy once as well.

My first jump was in the normal way forward, the second one backwards and the third one Titanic- like. That means to spread your arms, bend over forward and just been held by an employee on the belt. After the jump, hanging head over heels and happily high, you will be returned to land by rubber boat.

This is me bungee jumping. The camera was pretty fancy in 2003, but now it`s rather pixelated.

In addition to this good offer of unlimited jumps you can have a ride with the Minjin- swing as well. This is a swing, in which you are alone, in pairs or with two others horizontal bound. You are pulled into the air, above the treetops and pull a ripcord…. and swiiiish! With up to 100 km/h you swing forward and backwards..

After bungee jumping it was rather a lax thing, but those that did not jump were screeching 😉

In the evening we celebrated a Full Moon Party. The entrance fee is already included. During the party you are able to jump in the dark to jungle sounds or observe the fire jugglers.

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