Packing assistance

Generally you cannot carry your whole household along in your backpack, but only 20 kilograms! This is not a lot, but if you consider that you live several weeks or months with it, you have to pack accordingly.
You can take more along of course, but always keep in mind that you have to pay a surcharge at the airlines as well the Bus companies in Australia. Thus sometimes less is more.

Consider in advance, what you need and what not. Make an exact packing list for yourself and pack your backpack once completely (see below for ideas).
Sometimes you will see that you have way too much on your list.

If the backpack is finally fully stuffed and everything is packed, proof whether you can carry the backpack well. (You might need to do that as a backpacker from time to time 😉 
Even if this problem is mastered, the next one is already there: Souvenirs! Everyone surely knows that when you fly to Australia, you would like to take mementos of your travels. Therefore take this into consideration when packing your backpack but you may want to consider getting these items home by mail. 

Make 2 copies of your passport, flight tickets, drivers licence, traveller’s cheque, credit cards etc. Take 1 copy with you and leave 1 copy for a trustee back home in case of total loss [theft or forgetfulness ; -) ]. 

In summary:

  • Just 20 kilograms of luggage (you have to be able to carry your backpack)
  • Space for souvenirs etc
  • 1 copy of identification, travellers cheques, etc

Some essential items that will be required to take with you are listed as follows (this may vary from person to person):

Take along:

  • Your personal hygiene stuff (varies)
    • tooth-brush/tooth-paste
    • shampoo
    • Shaving things
    • comb
    • deodorant
    • skin cream and – lotion
  • Medical items
    • personal stuff
    • band aid (never needed on, toi toi toi)
    • Multivitamin tablets
    • Sun protection (buy it there)
    • Mosquito bites: Precaution (e.g. Rid) and subsequent treatment (Pellit/Systral): (buy it there), these are Australian mozzies
    • Means against travel sickness
    • Pain relievers (e.g. Paracetamol) (also against hang-over ; -) )
  • Underwear
    • depending how often you want to wash. I took underwear for 8 days and had washing day once per week.
    • same for socks.
  • Clothing
    • Pullover
    • ong trousers
    • short trousers
    • skirts
    • Trunk/ bathing suit/ bikini
    • Jacket (during winter)
    • T-Shirts
  • shoes
    • hiking shoes (if you want to conquer the Outback)
    • if you work, you need shoes which suits best for the job
    • shoes are quite cheap, better buy them in Australia
    • thongs are offered for approximately A$1.30 K-mart (buy there)
  • glasses
    • sun glasses
    • normal glasses (for those who need them of course)
    • pass for your glasses
    • Contact lenses (e.g. for snorkeling and diving)
    • Contact lens care
  • Other
    • Camera (send us your pictures!)
    • waterproof camera (buy it there)
    • batteries (buy it there)
    • Films (expensive in Australia; no 36pics films available!)
    • Walkman
    • travel book
    • sun hat (buy it there)
    • towel
    • Traveller Cheques
    • pocket-knife
    • matches / lighter
    • alarm clock (or mobile phone with waking function; for not sleeping too long and missing the bus in the morning)
    • Games (I met most people during card playing games)
    • travel guide
    • mobile phone (without SIM lock)
    • Adapter for socket
  • Important bits
    • valid passport with valid visa
    • credit card: Euro- or VISA-Card
    • Eurocheque card
    • traveller cheques in Euro or AU$
    • cash (Euro/AU$)
    • possibly different purses (chest bags; I never lost anything, except 3 shampoo bottles, which I forgot in the shower 🙁 )
    • vaccine card/ Organ-, blood- donor card
    • travel guide & maps
    • dictionary
    • passport copy
    • flight ticket
    • Travel insurance
    • Health insurance
    • International drivers license
    • International student card
  • for working
    • assessment (in english -of course)
    • resume on disk and paper
    • working clothes depending on kind of work

leave home:

  • clothes
    • emergency clothes
      everything you might need, but not necessarily. If you should need it, purchase it in Australia.
    • just the best
      If you should work some time, carry a few rough things along.You are not a mannequin, but a backpacker 😉
    • Jacket (during sommer)
  • other
    • hair dryer
      makes only trouble. Borrow one from your room- mates, then you meet some new peaople as well
    • boombox
      nobody really needs it. Many Hostels have music or others have a boombox; is actually only ballast
    • plastic bags
      go shopping once, you will get some; you will need them for dirty clothes and shoes, your food and small stuff

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