Quarantine regulations

Quarantine dispatching
All kinds of food, plants and animal products must be indicated on the “Incoming Passenger Card” and you are referred to the red dispatching desk. A quarantine clerk will examine the articles to make sure that these are no thread for the Australian environment, plants, animals or for human health. Sometimes these objects will be returned, (some articles may perhaps be treated), and some articles will be confiscated. 
There are amnesty quarantine containers standing everywhere in the arrival hall which are on the way to the luggage offices.

If you are found with forbidden articles, sometimes the possibility is offered to you to present these articles again. If you don’t declare articles which are subject to the quarantine regulations, it is possible that an immediate fine is imposed or you will be criminally sued.

Trade with plants- and animals
The trade with threatened animals and plant species (including native Australian plants) is strictly prohibited. It could be illegal to remove them from Australia or to introduce them to Australia. For further information and permission about introducing threatened animals or plant types, plus any goods/souvenirs, please ask:

Environment Australia – 
Telephone: +61 2 6274 1900 
Fax: +61 2 6274 1921 
Email: wps@ea.gov.au

All permission must be obtained before leaving or the entry of Australia. Hard punishments are by any offences against the law of the Wildlife Protection Act.


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