Rent a car

To rent a car it’s gonna cost you within $15 to $90 per day everywhere in Australia. The most common car rentals are Avis, Budget, Hertz, National and Thrifty, which are based all around Australia. To rent a car you need to have a valid drivers licence and you have to be a least 21!

Often there are either offers with unlimited kilometres or a “flat rate charge”, which contains 100 free kilometres. Make sure you investigate how much you have pay in case you have an accident.
Local companies usually have better deals than the larger ones above. Simply look in the yellow pages for these companies and their contact number. 

The agency -Rent A Wreck- lends cars starting from $15 per day, but the subsidy which you must pay in an accident, is very high. So take care choosing between the different offers.
It’s better to be 25, as the insurance costs get lower. 

So as with the auto purchase: Take yourself time to check out different companies until you find the one which suites to you.

Oh and in Australia you drive on the left-hand site!!!

!!!Right side -> suicide!!! 

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