Surfing is australias number one Sport!

What a football star or a baseball star is in your country; that is what a surf idol is in Australia!!!
10% of the Australian population surf. That includes dad, sister and little son!
Yes, no matter when you go to the beach, as soon as the sun rises they are there. And because it is an Australian thing, you must try it!

For your first surfing experience you should really go to a surf school and have a lesson! You’ll get the opportunity as there are surf schools everywhere. It costs you from $30 to $50 for the day (equipment and food supply included).

It is really funny as the surf teachers are awesome and they make you stand up the first time on the board (in the water!). They have special techniques and take you to waves small enough for you to ride.

There are also week trips from Sydney to Byron Bay. There you travel to different locations every day and stop at beaches which have waves you will be able to ride.
There is a party every night, where you get know the people from all over the world? and there’ll be lot’s of stuff to drink!

On the last day you arrive at Byron Bay and you can choose between driving back to Sydney over night or to stay at Byron Bay. 
An awesome experience!! Your arms will turn into noodles from paddling but you have a big smile in your face! : -) But don’t forget the suntan lotion!!

There are uncountable surf schools in Australia. At nearly every place you have the possibilities of surfing, there’ll be a school to take a course or simply hire a board in order to practice.


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