Traveling by Train

The Ghan.

It`s an unusual name for a train, but in Australian history it`s a living legend.
It`s the ultimate travel into the heart of the continent.

Journey: Sydney – Adelaide – Alice Springs
One hundred fifty years ago, Afghan salesmen brought camels to Australia, and pretty soon, and typically Australian, their names were shortened to “Ghan”. The Ghan kept the name of its early pioneers, and the Logo of an Afghan on his camel is an indication of the harsh Australian environment, waiting to be explored. 

The first explorers, and later on the telegraph workers used camels in order to create a permanent road to central Australia. Camels were ideal for these long journeys through the hot, sparsely inhabited parts of Australia.

Nowadays one can begin this journey with a comfort, which could not have been imagined in the early days. If you join the Ghan in Sydney or Adelaide, and travel to Alice Springs, you will join one of the most fascinating train journeys in the world. You will see the spectacular colors of the Outback, the infinite widths, enormous salt lakes and the fissured MacDonnel Ranges in the heart of Australia.

Alice Springs is the ideal starting point to explore the miracles of the Red Centre, like Palm Valley, Ayers Rock/Uluru, The Olgas/Kata Tjuta and King’s Canyon. 

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