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an extract from Melbourne…

The start of another night, what to do? where to go? how to have fun and perhaps stumble across that special someone…
Perhaps a someone with dazzling blue eyes and contrasting flowing dark hair, a perfect body with a look that says -John your mine- 

As I snap into reality I realise that I have been staring at a gorgeous girl (for quite some time) in one of Melbournes many free magazines. Looking through I realise that there is everything from live bands to raves to HipHop to Drum & Base to POP.
Alcohol being my weakness I chose to steer clear of the above and go for „Pugg Mahones“ a small pub dedicated to bringing cheap beer to backpackers on Mondays.. After rallying together a few of my friends I roll out of my flat and into Hardware Lane. Puggs being convenientaly right across the road ensures that I am not long with a thirst.

As the night goes on the place fills with backpackers and I spark a conversation with a beautiful German girl. The great thing about meeting backpackers being that it doesnt matter what you do for a job, but more so which part of the world you are going to next. As I drop my usual routine as a rich businessman in Melbourne for important businesslike matters I reveal that I love Germany and would love to know more…
as our conversation continues I feel my excitement grow and start moving as if surrounded by beautiful music. I look past Lisa’s magnifiscent eyes and realise that I actualy am as the band breaks into a set of Blink 182’s latest albulm.

After dancing around for a couple of hours I realise that I am running low on cash. This is surprising since the $50 I brought in should have purchased quite a few $3 pints of Tooheys beer. Oh well I rub my eyes and realise that there appears to be twice as many girls and they now seem twice as good looking. As I wander round in a beery haze I stumble across a few friends that I had stayed with in a backpackers upon arriving into Melbourne.
Rosie and two of her friends had just returned from travelling down the East coast of Australia. After catching up, my friend Darren and I made a move to their current location at the original backpackers.

Upon returning, Rosies friends emerged from their room with a fresh bottle of 50% bounty rum bought via duty free. It being 3am on Tuesday morning, what better time than to proceed with some drinking games.. one thing led to another and before long 5 of us wound up clambering between 2 bunks in a small room. I looked at my mobile to confirm that the sun should be rising and burning my eyes through the thin curtain and set my alarm for 9am, one hour later.

Realising after two minutes of persistant alarm noise in my right ear, I awoke, clambered out of bed and set off for work. At the same time appreciating the fact that however bad I felt know, staring into a computer screen and talking to customers on the phone wasnt going to make my day get any better…

I thankyou Puggs and Melbourne for letting me see the error in turning up for work!! 

send in by Kiwi John

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