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Well, what can I say, Melbourne, has the best, all round nightlife in the WHOLE of Australia!! Not that I am biased being from Melbourne and all (well maybe a little), but every time I mentioned to many backpackers that I was from there whilst traveling around Australia, my feet were practically kissed, I was looked upon as a goddess (ok that’s not too unusual) and I was always told that Melbourne was „the best“ city in Australia….

You see, anyone who has ever been to Melbourne knows of our little secret, that we cater to everyone…you name it, we have it! Not only that but it is well known that Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world for it’s live music….we try to keep music fresh, live and different from the rest of the world….

So how do I tell you in a few words where to go in Melbourne in a couple of hundred words or less? Well I suppose the easiest way to do this is to tell you the best nightlife suburbs where there are quite a few places for you to choose yourselves….the best advice I can give you is go to these places, walk around, get a feel for what you like and make the decisions yourselves…use this as a guide and get out there!!!!!!


St Kilda is one of the BEST places in Melbourne to go for a drink as it is popular with locals and tourists alike (you might even spot a few celebrities out for a drink as filming for our popular TV show „the Secret Life of us“ is filmed here!). The Esplanade and Fitzroy Streets run practically parallel with the beaches and bays with a fantastic view of the city lights at night. A 15 minute tram ride from the city makes this an easy place to travel to and from and holds the BEST pub in Melbourne, The Esplanade Hotel (affectionately known as „the Espy“). There are over 50 bars in the area ranging from locals pubs with drag queen entertainment every Sunday night (the Greghound Hotel) to the newly refurbished and highly popular nightclub the Prince of Wales which still holds it’s character of a old Melbourne pub in the front bar, but a nice drinking lounge „The Mink“ in the basement which is great for chilling out after a big day out and about. St Kilda holds a great variety of places to be seen…as well as the annual St Kilda Street Festival held in February, where thousands of people come to dance, drink and view the local talents from bands to street performers… it makes St Kilda is one of the best places to go for a quiet drink or a hard night out!


Richmond is 10 minutes train or tram ride from the CBD and a great spot for live entertainment for all walks of life. Very popular with the university circuit, locals and tourists alike, Richmond has some great live venues such as The Corner Hotel where many well known Australian and international artists have played. Although a little small The Bridge Hotel is always packed on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night and mostly has live local melbourne entertainers but makes a great night out for travelers to mingle with locals, ensuring a quality evening out. The Swan Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the area, with more mainstream live acts on most evenings. Although the venues are more spread out over a large area than other popular nightspots, Richmond has over 40 great nightclubs and pubs, a lot of which you may miss if don’t look for them but most of which are funky and have great ambience.


Chapel Street, Toorak Road and Commercial Road are perfect places to cater for all, ranging from your huge late night dance scenes Zos, Viper Room, Q Bar to mainstream after work bars TGI Fridays and Bridie O’Reillys. This is a perfect place to visit to get a whole range of dining and drinking venues….

So hopefully guys this steers you into the party places of your choice…but if not visit for further great places to visit….

Live fast and party hard people 

send in by local Steph who works for Peter Pan

Nightlife Guide Steph

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