Would you like to go to Australia?
Don’t know yet what you’ll need?

Well, then this page is for you!

First, you’ll need a valid visa and passport.
There are several different kind of visas. To find out which Visa you’ll need.

If you’re travelling by yourself, plan ahead. You should have someone at home, who can be in contact with you and who knows your route and plans.

This will help you, if something should happen to you. No one hopes this -we all returned safe home- but it is probably safer.

When you arrive in Australia, you’ll have to fill out a note about Australia’s quarantine regulations.

It’s better to learn something about these regulations now, than at the airport, so inform yourself about Quarantine in advance and pack your stuff properly.

How you reach Australia is up to you. You can book a one-way ticket and choose your route, your Accommodation in Australia like a real backpacker or you buy a complete journey.

Some help with, what and how to pack, you will find in our Packing assistance